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Astrology Assessment (60 Minutes)

Engaging and enlightening session to explore your soul’s mission, personality traits, life goals, & perceived blocks. Danielle will guide you to a more cohesive understanding your birth chart, including your sun, moon, and rising sign as well as how the alignment of the planets relates to you. There will be space to answer your questions and forecast key cosmic trends to be ready for! Intuitive coaching may be weaved in as well to enhance your experience/expansion. The session includes a recorded mp3.

Astrology + Business Planning Session (90min)

You know there is something to planning your business based on what’s going on in the cosmos however you have no idea how to implement it! That’s where Danielle can come in to access your business needs as they align to the astrological trends and influences. This is the go-to tool that highly successful entrepreneurs and coaches use to optimize their business for maximum growth, monetization, & efficiency. This is your opportunity to avoid disastrous launches, IT glitches, uninterested clients & more! Includes audio recording, planning guide + session notes.

Quickie Astrology Deep Dive Session (35 minutes)

Great for quick assessments surrounding your natal chart or follow up appointments. Includes mp3 audio recording for playback. Laughs and a-ha moments are a bonus!

Relationship/Family Compatibility Session

Using you and your partner’s Sun, Moon & Rising signs, determine your compatibility levels as well as where you both thrive and where they may be a disconnect. Both partners do not need to be present. Also used for family dynamic with children. Includes audio mp3 for playback.

Astro-Mapping Session

Use locational Astrology to uncover where you are meant to be in the world! Danielle will utilize your birth chart + cosmic data surrounding 3 places of your choosing. You'll also explore your top cities (at least 10+) around the globe for health + healing, functionality, romance, prosperity, vacation, home base, and more! Includes 45-minute recorded call to discuss.