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Astro-Mapping Session

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Use locational Astrology to uncover where you are meant to be in the world! Via an intuitively guided written report (sent within 7 days), Danielle will utilize your birth chart + cosmic data surrounding 3 places of your choosing. You'll also receive a summary of your top cities (at least 25+) around the globe for health + healing, functionality, romance, prosperity, vacation, home base, and more! Following, you'll have the option to add on a 30 minute call to discuss further.

Astrology + Business Planning Session (60min)

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The session acts as a catalyst to explore your business goals + expectations! Receive an overview of your soul's path plus strategized key launch dates plotted out as best aligned with the stars. Avoid disastrous launches or uninterested clients. Walk away feeling clear, empowered, + focused with a solid cosmic game plan to move your business forward with ease! Includes audio recording and held via the phone.

Astrology + Business Planning Session (90min)

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You know there is something to planning your business based on what’s going on in the cosmos however you have no idea how to implement it! That’s where Danielle can come in to access your business needs as they align to the astrological trends and influences. This is the go-to tool that highly successful entrepreneurs and coaches use to optimize their business for maximum growth, monetization, & efficiency. This is your opportunity to avoid disastrous launches, IT glitches, uninterested clients & more!

Astrology Deep Dive Session

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The session will explore your soul’s mission, personality traits and blocks. Overview of the planets and rising sign. Intuitive coaching may be weaved in as well to enhance your experience and expansion. The session is held via the phone and includes a recorded audio mp3.

Astrology Deep Dive Session (35 mins)

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Great for quick assessments or follow up appointments.

Coaching Deep Dive Session - 90 minutes

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1-time session with Danielle to hone in our your current situation or issue, find & release blocks, and gain clarity as to how to move forward.

Cosmic Moon Club - One Year Membership

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Receive a guided meditation and moon ritual experience every New and Full Moon for one entire year! Created in audio mp3 format, allow your cosmic needs to be met as you'll be given everything you need to complete your New Moon intentions or Full Moon offerings. Learn what the current Moon + sign mean, assess how it pertains to your life and be led in deep + powerful meditations to bring about transformation quickly!

Calendar with New + Full Moon schedule to be provided upon purchase. Audio meditations will be sent 24 hours prior to the Moon onset and suggested to be completed within a 3 day time span. The virtual ritual will average 45-60 minutes.

One Day Coaching Intensive

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1-day Coaching Intensive Plan w/Danielle Mercurio. Package to includes a 3 hour strategy session (held via phone or Skype) and (1) 35 minute follow up call 2-3 weeks later. It also includes email + social media support in between.

One Day Coaching Intensive (2-pay)

every 3 weeks for 6 weeks ($890.00 total)
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2-tri-weekly payments for the 1-Day Coaching Intensive Plan w/Danielle Mercurio. Package includes one 3-hour coaching session and (1) 35 minute session 2-3 weeks later.

Relationship Compatibility Session

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Curious to know how the stars align in your relationship? Using you and your partner’s birth chart’s, we’ll determine your compatibility levels including your strengths and areas for improvements. Having this awareness creates a more streamlined bond in your relationship as well as effective communication and emotional support. Both partners do not need to be present. The session is held via the phone and includes a recorded audio mp3.

Wedding Planning Session

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The session will explore the engaged couple's soul journey together! Discover the most compatible assets as well as ways to improve communication together. Will also discuss key upcoming astrological trends and most aligned dates for the wedding + planning! Can be done solo or with partner. Held via the phone and includes audio recording mp3!